We are Nixyaawii Community School

Proud to be the Golden Eagles.

Established in August, 2004 with the first graduating class in May of 2005, our school is a charter of the Pendleton School district and we are located on the beautiful Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in northeast Oregon. Our charter focuses on Native American culture, infusing native languages into daily school life, and serving the tribal community.

Announcements & News

All Sports Conditioning CANCELLED due to Poor Air Quality

Please continue to check the website, Facebook or student email for updates. 

When conditioning does resume, student athletes will:

will meet at July Grounds - there will be no inside access

will receive and sign COVID-19 waivers

will meet coaches from different sports

will get information on upcoming workouts

will need to come prepared to workout

will need to have a current physical

will need water -  there will be no inside access

will need to be wearing a mask

After these workouts, coaches and the athletic director will create a schedule based on needs.  A parent meeting will be scheduled to explain Season 1 and what the rest of the seasons may look like.  This meeting time and date is TBD.  More information to follow. 

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Summer Lunch Program Extended

The Summer Lunch Program has been extended until further notice.  Students may go to the rec center parking lot and receive lunch from the Food Truck.  These lunches are free to Pendleton School District students.



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Distance Learning Schedule

Classes start Monday August 24 on-line.

Comprehensive Distance Learning Class Schedule:

Monday and Wednesday

1st period 9 - 9:54

2nd period 10 - 10:54

3rd period 11 - 11:54

6th period 12 - 12:54

Tuesday and Thursday

4th period 9 - 9:54

5th period 10 - 10:54

7th period 11 - 11:54

8th period 12 - 12:54

Teacher Office Hours 1:30 - 3:30

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Start of School Information

Nixyaawii start of school information is available on the 4 attachments listed below.  Please read the Parent Start Up letter, the NCS Reopening Plan, and the Operational Blueprint.  The 2021 calendar is also attached.  The first day of school at Nixyaawii is Monday, August 24, 2020.  

August 5, 2020

Dear Golden Eagle Families, 
I hope all is well and you have enjoyed your summer break. The beginning of the
school year is going to look a little different this year.  As you all know, we are
mandated by the State of Oregon to begin the year with Comprehensive Distance
Learning (CDL).  This will look far different from last year when we had our emergency
closure.  The staff at NCS is working hard to prepare to give your student the best
education under our current circumstances. 
Nixyaawii Community School CDL Basics
- All students will be required to participate in “live” class instruction according
to our school calendar. This is per the guidance given from Oregon
Department of Education.
- CDL will be operating synchronously with students in their current class
schedule in a virtual setting
- All teachers will be using Google Classroom and Google Meets as their
teaching platform
- Live instruction can be recorded and uploaded daily for additional support or
in case of absences
- Teachers will take attendance and give grades daily. Grades may be given
for participation, bell work, exit ticket, homework, etc.
- We will have 4 classes daily (see schedule)
- Advisory will be a new class for NCS it will be 4th period. Every student will
have an advisory class and credit will be given for this class. This is a time
for teachers to check-in with small groups of students to support their social-
emotional learning and do small group activities.
- Chromebook and textbook Check-in and Checkout will be held on
August 18,19,20 from 8am-3pm. We need all textbooks and
chromebooks from last spring so we can re-issue them.
- Classes will start August 24th at 9AM on line

Schedule for CDL
Monday and Wednesday            Tuesday and Thursday

Period 1 9:00-9:54                       Period 4 9:00-9:54
Period 2 10:00-10:54                   Period 5 10:00-10:54
Period 3 11:00-11:54                   Period 7 11:00-11:54
Period 6 12:00-12:54                  Period 8 12:00-12:54
Lunch 12:54-1:30 Lunch 12:54-1:30

Teacher Office Hours 1:30-3:30

Office Hours will be daily for teacher/student activities:
- Communication between students, teacher, parents
- Applied learning experiences
- Accessing video lessons posted to google classroom
- Individual support
- Homework and practice time
- Meeting social-emotional needs

Please follow the website, email, and facebook page for current updates. Remember
we are all in this together and we strive to do our best. Please call with any questions.

Ryan Heinrich, Principal
NCS Golden Eagles





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