We are Nixyaawii Community School

Proud to be the Golden Eagles.

Our school is a charter of the Pendleton School district and we are located on the beautiful Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in northeast Oregon. Our charter focuses on Native American culture, infusing native languages into daily school life, and serving the tribal community.

Announcements & News

ASB Officers

The 2018-2019 ASB Officers are:

President Dazon Sigo

Vice President Ermia Butler

Junior Class Representative Susie Patrick

Sophomore Class Representative Adilia Hart

Freshmen Class Representative Nizhoni Toledo

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New Start Time

This year's start time is 8:10.  The bell schedule is:

1st period 8:10 - 9:06

2nd period 9:10 - 10:06

3rd period 10:10 - 11:06

4th period 11:10 - 12:06

lunch 12:06 - 12:44

5th period 12:44 - 1:40

6th period 1:44 - 2:40

7th period 2:44 - 3:40


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More Electives Added

Please submit your elective choices to the office either by emailing carrie.phinneyatpendleton.k12.or.us, calling the office at 541-429-7900, or bringing this form (PDF) to the office between 7:30 – 4, Monday –Thursday.  To have your choices considered during scheduling, your response must be received by 4pm, Wednesday, August 22.  You may also attend the Open House Wednesday, August 22 between 4 and 6pm and complete the form there.

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Enrollment Cap Increased

Nixyaawii is pleased to be increasing its enrollment to at least 85 students due to the approved use of the previous Yellowhawk building and the addition of a full time teacher.  This is an addition of 10 students.  Registration is taking place now, Monday through Thursday, 7:30am to 4pm.     

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School Supply List


spiral notebooks

1/2" hard back 3 ring binder

loose leaf college ruled paper




pencil top erasers

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Housing Information For Parents

If your family lives in any of the following situations: in a shelter; in a motel or campground due to the lack of an alternative adequate accommodation; in a car, park, abandoned building, or bus or train station; duobled up with other people due to loss of housing or economic hardship...your school-age children may qualify for certain rights and protections under the federal McKinney-Vento Act.  

Your eligible children have the right to receive a free, appropriate publilc eduation.  If you believe your children may be eligible, contact the local liaison Julie Smith, at 541-276-6711 to find out what services and supports may be available.  There also may be supports available for your preschool-age children.

If you need further assistance with your children's education needs, contact the National Center for Homeless Education at 800-308-2145  or by email at homelessatserve.org  or view their website at www.serve.org/nche

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NCS Construction Class Benches and Tables FOR SALE

Please contact Zack Brandsen (541-429-7907) if you would like to order or purchase a bench or table. Thank you for supporting the Construction Class! Raffle tickets for the table coming soon!

Items available:

  • 4 foot length bench $40.00
  • 6 foot length bench $50.00
  • 7 foot length bench $60.00

NCS benches for sale

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School on Fridays

When there is a holiday on a Monday, there is a regular day of school the following Friday.

A yearly calendar is availabe under the "Calendar" tab of this website.

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